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It was last thursday i went around a mates house, when i sat on his sofa were paying a game for xbox, called shenmue 2, I sat down on the sofa and then had a weird air kinda feeling coming up like sick but no sick...

When i got home i was knackered and had to do alot of work in my room... Everywhere i went i felt scared... like my legs felt weakish, but they werent... I scarried on and i felt slightly dizzy but it went almost immediatly.

it happened 2 times i think, well anyway day after i had acheing pain in my head like on the elft side by my ear
its been like this for days now the head pain over a 5 days been to the doc said take some parcetimal and carry on normal... :( its not anything bad is it? occsiankly i get teh acheing on the right side and my eyes ache somtimes, i use the computer alot but never experianced somthing like this ??? pls reply! i hope it isnt serious :((((((((((((((((

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