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I have been experiencing several weird problems over the past few months. The symptoms came on suddenly on Nov 17. It all began with a severe pressure feeling headache, unlike any I had ever had before. I kept the headache for 2 months day and night, other symptoms also started shortly after, including severe vertigo, blackouts, accelerated heart rate, low blood pressure and painful full body muscle spasms that were triggered by unanticipated noises and severe painful uncontrollable jaw muscle contractions that felt like they were going to break my jaw bone. Dec 25 was the worst day, and I spent that day in the ER. After about 2 weeks the symptoms stopped and I thought it was over. I kind of thought that I might have had tetanus until the week before last when I got another severe pressure feeling headache and lost part of the hearing in my right ear. I also had some ringing in my ears. By the evening the jaw muscle contractions and pain started all over again. The contractions seem to start on my right side then migrate to the left side. The contractions cause my entire face to hurt even my teeth and I also have periods of extreme shooting pain in my jaw through my check. They are also continuous throughout the day and night. Other symptoms appeared later on in the night like the full body spasms, vertigo, ringing in my ears, tremors, accelerated heart rate and just a general feeling of weakness. I woke up the next morning and stood up and blacked out on my way to the living room. The black outs seem to only last a few seconds. Also my scalp seems to stay sore almost like I've had my hair pulled back to tightly. I had an MRI and CT scan which both were ok. 3 days ago a friend gave me 3 klonopins, I took one immediately, and the jaw muscle spasms and headache began to subside. I have also been prescribed nuerontin 100mg 3 times a day; effexor, ativan, ultram, flexeril, xanaflex, and robaxin and none of these drugs ever relieved the symptoms as effectively as klonopin did. The klonopin was like a miracle drug for my symptoms. Just to note; I had discontinued all the other drugs after finding them ineffective and the klonopin was the only thing that I took. My main problem now with doctors and specialists is that my insurance was discontinued in Jan (lay off) and I canít see the neurologists any more (wonít take patienceís without insurance) so I really need to do as much as I can to find out information on a possible solution or diagnosis on my own before trying to find a specialists because I canít afford going from one to another. I also want to state that I donít condone borrowing prescriptions from friends but truly I was at my end with the pain and would go out side and eat dirt if I knew it would help with the symptoms. Sorry for the long description but I really am desperate for any help that any one may be able to give me because truthfully I have no idea what is wrong with me.

Thanks So Much
Have A Great Day!

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