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Thanks to the original poster of this topic !!!! You might just has saved my mental sanity !

It's started as a labyrinthitis, diagnosed two weeks ago. Since the pain in my neck wasn't really bothering me at the time, I forgot to mention it to the doctor I first saw. Since then, my neck hurts like hell (I can even put my finger on the muscle knot), I have positional vertigo / balance problems, I hear a constant high pitch tone in my right ear and sometimes, things start to spin a lot.

It really started several months ago, with constant headaches and pain at the base of my head. Numbness and pain in the face, right side as well. We all (doctors, chiros and myself included) blame it on my newly implanted braces. Now, it may be related, but the next step I'll do is to seek my doctor and tell him everything about my neck and facial pain, along with the numbness in my face and head.

I had a bad car accident 5 years ago and since then, all sort of muscular and back problems have been popping out, once in a while. Reading your story made me realized that this might just be a case PT again !

Thanks a lot !!!!!! I thought that I was going to turn crazy. I was, like you, a very active man (3x gym / week) plus lots of readings, video games, etc. All things I can't really do now because of my almost constant dizzyness.


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