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Six days ago I noticed that my left ear felt numb, inside and out. Over the next few days, the numbness spread to the whole left side of my head and around my mouth -- degree of numbnes varies. Initially, there was no pain. After several days, I developed a dull headache that won't go away -- mostly on the left side and across the top of my head. I've noticed that my teeth are sensitive to temperature extremes and my sinuses occasionally hurt, too. My family doctor mentioned Trigeminal Nerualgia as a possibility, and set me up for a head CT. About that time, the numbness started to spread down over my left shoulder and shoulder blade. I have some mild pain with that at times, and have most recently developed some mild shortness of breath.

I was admitted to the hospital yesterday for 24 hours of tests, including a chest x-ray, head and chest CT's, heart monitoring, and numerous blood tests. All have come back clear of problems. The doctor said perhaps it was a virus of some kind, and let's give it a week to see if it clears up on its own. In the meantime, he prescribed Neurontin (sp?) I got the distint impression we are giving it time because the doctor has no idea where to go next. Easy for him to say. Any ideas from anyone?

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