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For the last few months I have been exhibiting the following symptoms:
Hair loss (significant amount)
Hot flushes, several times a day (this is not hot flashes - hormone related, had those already)
Intolerant of heat - always had this, but getting much worse - I now have a/c on 60 and fans going - my feet burn all the time
Pressure headaches on top of head that wake me up in the night, but get better if I get up for a few hours
Restless Leg Syndrome has got so bad that it is nightly and sometimes during day
Extreme fatigue with signs of clinical depression
Carb cravings
My vision has changed - last appt had improved significantly and now has worsened again (too strange)
Insomnia - waking several times in night - usually with headache
bouts of nausea during day and at night, lasting only a few minutes
Bloating and swelling
Can hear the blood rushing in my head every now and then
Lightedheaded at times, lose footing (embarrassing)
If you look at a photo of me a couple of years ago, you would not even recognize me now. My coloring has changed, my face is swollen, have gained about 70 pounds, no sparkle. I have always been a joyful person, working on several projects at once, singing all the time, friends, grown children and now a 7 year old who is awesome, got through menopause - or at least the main part. I am going to a neurologist Monday morning, but I am frankly embarrassed to tell him all these symptoms. I tried telling a couple of docs through the last few years just about the heat intolerance thing, got tests for thyroid - negative, so I haven't thought to go back until all these other symptoms have made me so uncomfortable. Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance for helping.

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