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My 13-year-old son had a nasty fall at school ten days ago banging his head on a basketball post. The blow was in a straight line over and behind the right ear. When I picked him up his left leg and hand were shaking and he was slumped to the right. The hospital carried out observations and neurological tests and said that he responded well to all. His blood pressure was fine, there was no sign of damage to the eyes and he responded to all the other tests well except for the fact that he found it hard to co-ordinate touching his left nose and the doctor’s hand. He didn't lose consciousness, he didn't vomit and he didn't have headaches. The only problem was his balance. He was complaining of feeling dizzy and couldn't walk unaided.

Three days after the injury he was still unbalanced and could only walk round the house by holding onto something. He is eating extremely well, is very bright, has done exceptionally well catching up on homework, but he couldn’t balance.

We went back to casualty and they carried out the same set of neurological tests and said that he was showing no signs of any damage and that the dizziness and loss of balance would clear up.

On Saturday, six days after the accident, we took him back to the hospital as our concern about his balance continued. Again they tested him with three doctors carrying out tests. Again they said they could find nothing neurologically wrong and didn’t want to do a scan because they felt it wasn’t necessary. However they were unable to explain the loss of balance, but said that with rest he would get better.

We have an appointment to see our GP on Friday, in two days, but my wife and I are still worried and wonder whether we are being silly and that it will clear up. As I say he is bright, full of fun, eating like a horse and teasing his brother as always. He is doing his homework and playing computers and PS2.

So I am really writing for reassurance and to ask whether anyone knows whether loss of balance after what they describe as a ‘significant knock’ is usual and will it clear with time.

Also should we encourage him to try to walk unaided, should we stop him drinking tea and playing computers? What should we do?

Any advice welcome.

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