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Hi everyone,

I have posted a few times but mostly read.
I am having a bad day today. Feeling more off balance than usual.Actually I am making it worse than it really is because I am sooooo afraid of getting really, really dizzy. The last two years about this same time, actually same date (this weekend) I had dizzy spells, last year it lasted 8 days :( . And I can't do the dizzy thing today because my son is coming home from college today :bouncing:

When all of this dizziness started I was diagnosed by one doctor as it being migraines. Well another doctor thought it might be inner ear. I have every test that I can possibly have, some twice. Two CT scans, two MRI's, specialist, chiro, etc. I am so afraid that it could be inner ear even though I have been told it isn't.

Kamden I started to call physical therapists but the first one I talked to said they didn't do the deep tissue therapy so I gave up for fear of not finding one. Some days are alright. I haven't had what I would call a great day in almost 15 years. And having anxiety doesn't help! I got so depressed because of the dizziness about 5 years ago I had to stop working for about 6 weeks. I do work full time but that is about it. I don't do much around the house or gardening which I really liked. I don't travel unless I have to because I am afraid of how I will feel

I just wish as all of you do that this will go away. I don't know how much more of this I can handle.

Thanks for listening,
Deb :wave:


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