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With an inflammatory process, such as a viral, bacterial infection, or allergic reaction - or an allergic reaction to an infection - it is not uncommon for the muscular trigger points on the scalp by the cranial sutures to get inflammed and the suboccipital muscles (base of skull), causing dizziness, etc. (This is different than 'intracranial pressure' - internal fluid pressure after trauma). If you feel it, it is likely external muscular. (See, TMJ website for analagous pain - temporalis muscles on scalp). Once, when I was a teenager, I was extremely dizzy after a flu - my allergist sent me to a neurologist as a precautionary measure, but told me it was likely that a very small capillary may have ruptured near my inner or middle ear. It healed - I was dizzy for about a month - and, although I still have an allergy sensitive immune system (and have chronic sinusitis and TMJ problems, which are painful and cause me to become dizzy and fatigued, I have not had this recurr after this episode. (I flew on a jet when I had a cold, and when I blew my nose to equalize pressure, that most likely caused the incident.) Worry is useful - it alerts one to danger, but try not to worry overmuch. I suspect that the 'intercranial' pressure is most likely 'extracranial' pressure (headache caused by muscular spasm caused by inflammation from allergy/infection/etc., which is painful and disorientating, but is not caused by any brain dysfunction. As a matter of fact, I am going to take a hot shower now. (I just had root canals and perio surgeries and the resultant inflammatory headache is fierce.) The odds are that the MRI will turn out negative (no brain abnormality), but you will still have a headache and be dizzy, which is a quality-of-life issue, until such abates. (See, also, migraines - there are anti-inflammatories that might work, but overuse of over-the-counter and (some?) prescription medications can aggravate the problem (as reported in NY Times Magazine around Jan. 2003.) Hope you feel better, sooner rather than later! (My chiropractor helps my headaches.) [No one can rule out anything over a website, but your doctor's inference that you don't have a tumor is likely correct.]

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