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Hellow everyone,

I posted about my problem in the Allergy section but i will ask permission to mention it again here.

Briefly, tomrrow I will get an MRI scan, which according to my neurologist, is mainly for my peace of mind.

A few weeks ago I came down with what appeared to be a head cold/ viral infection. It included most of the "common cold" symptoms, minus fever, but for the first time, it also came with extreme dizziness, light headedness, loss of balance and intracranial pressure.

After going to my family doctor (who put me on antibiotics), I also went to the neurologist because the dizziness and pressure are literally NOT going away.

After doing various coordination tests with me, looking itno my eyes with that light etc - the neuro also said that my symptoms are probably due to the viral infection.
However, for my peace of mind he ordered an MRI, which he says he expects to be 100% normal.

The dizziness, imbalanace and intracranial pressure drive me crazy - and they seem to be here to stay.

I know that at this point it is all psychological, and that I should stay away from sites talking about brain tumor symptoms - because I look for them in my own symptoms, and DO find many that sound just like that.
(You can only imaging what happens in my mind as a result of that).

I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday because I imagined all kinds of horrific scenarios as a result of a positive MRI. It will be very hard to go through these days, until I get the results.

What put my fears to rest just a little bit today is this info I found on "vestibular neuritis".
My generalist and neuro didn't use this particular diagnostic (they just said "due to viral infection"), but it looks like there is an actual medical name for this.

Vestibular neuritis = dizziness caused by a viral infection of the vestibular nerve (in the ear). May take 1-3 months to go away.

At this point, ANY disease sounds absolutely wonderful and very much welcome, compared to even the tiny-bitzy possibility of a brain tumor.
I know I shouldn't be doing this to myself but, please, please, tell me - is there any reason not to expect an 100% normal MRI on Tuesday? (I will take it tomorrow and get the results on Tuesday).

1. I DO have dizziness, loss of balance, weakness, intracranial pressure especially in the back of my head, and foggy eyes (though I CAN read even very small letters).
And yes, these are all mentioned on all the "brain tumor symptoms" sites I have looked at.

I also have/had:

fluid in my middle ear
blood from my nose (when i blow it)
did not lose my hearing

--> symptoms which are mentioned in the "vestibular neuritis" symptoms.

2. What I DO NOT have (and which is usually included in the symptoms of brain tumors):

Seizures - NO.
Vomiting, nausea - NO.
Cross-eyed vision, double-vision - NO.
Asymetrical eyes / one drooping lower than the other - NO.
Complete loss of balance - NO. (I do feel imbalance, but when the neurologist made me walk, etc - I passed the test succesfully).
Sensitivity to light - NO.
Sensitivity to sound - NO.

3. This DID come about with a viral infection - which is basically the straw I am hanging on and my number one HOPE.

Please, please, please - I beg you - if you are a doctor, tell me that there is NO reason under the sun to fear a brain tumor. I am not seeking professional advice on this forum, because I already visited my doctors and I am scheduled for the MRI tomorrow - I just want a little more reassurance before I take the MRI (for my mental health).
I am extremely bad psychologically, when it comes to even the tiniest possibility of a life-threatening situation.

I also have a terrible fear of flying - and I know I've got "death denial" issues, generally speaking - which need to be solved with a psychologist.

But for this particular situation - please, I need some further reassurance!

Thank you so, so much!

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