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I am a 14 year old male, and for the past nine months I have had muscle facsiculations (twitches) every day, occuring minutes apart. They occur in all muscles and sometimes simultaneously in other muscle groups.

About three months after these symptoms started, I noticed a tingling sensation down the right side of my body that would not go away. When I wake up, or are bending down or standing/sitting still, I can feel this tingling/prickling sensation on the right side of my torso.

And about four or so months ago, I noticed every now and then as I am falling asleep, I would start to feel light-headed, then strong fasiculations in multiple muscle groups at once, and my arms and legs would start to tremble uncontrollably. I usually only remember up to that part because I fall asleep almost immediately after the episode.

I have also been having back pains recently, but Im not sure if that is related.

My doctor was not much help, as after three weeks of symptoms when they begin last August, I told my doctor, and he simply blew it off as fatigue-caused. And my parents, unfortunately, believed that if "the doctor says its just that, then thats it."

So my questions are: What diseases/conditions can have these kinds of symptoms, and what should I do?

Thanks a lot in advance.

God bless.

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