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Re: Help!!!
Jun 7, 2003
Yes, I have a tumour on my left thyroid lobe. They found it by feeling around on my neck. My doctor felt a knot in my lower neck. I'm having a biopsy done next week to see if it's malignant. But, as for all of my weird symptoms, I still have no answer. My surgeon told me they couldn't be from my thyroid since my hormones were normal. I have seen a neurologist and a cardiologist this week. I had a CT scan of my head and it was normal, but I haven't gotten an MRI done yet-that's next I guess. I've been to the er 3 times this week with numbness in my head and hands, dizziness, severe pressure in my head, shaking all over, and a very rapid heartrate (it was almost 200 one time) and they keep telling me I'm having anxiety attacks when I know I'm not. I have all of these symptoms everyday now and it's really frusterating not knowing what's causing it. Believe me, I know what you're going through. ~Hilery

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