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I have been having this slight pain in the right side of my head for about 3 months now. Kind of like a pea in the mattress feeling. For the last few yrs I have had strange things happen, like twitching, memory problems, speach problems, but nothing that lasts long. Even smell or tast things, like once at lunch it teasted like peanutbutter fudge, strange. Anyway, after a few month I would get this sharp pain in the top right side of my head, and the I would just laugh for no reason, again, this went on for a few months, a few times a week or so. But now all the starnge symptoms are gone or much less, but I have this little pain or pressure feeling in the right side of my head, feels like between my ear and right eye, but if I point to the pain I touch right above the ear, maybe a tad to the front. Yes, I did go to the Dr, and I have an MRI coming up. But I was hoping to hear if others ever have these type of feeling in the head. The one tied to laughter, confusion, funny taste, sick to stomach, and yes, this pain, that does not really hurt much, but is there all day, or most of it. Sometimes my right side of my head feels like a big ballon or something. This could be just all in my head, you know, a mental problem not related to something like a tumor. One other thing that would happen, when driving in the car on a sunny day, if the sun light would go through the trees and flash in the side window I would twitch, sometimes pretty bad, and once at a live show, they had a lightening storm in the act, I did not remember almost 20 mins of that part of the show, I thought maybe I fell asleep or something, but I don't think so. Anyway, 4 yrs of strange things like this, but now, just the pain. Sometimes a twitch or a sharp pain to go with it. I guess that is all. If anyone has had feeling like this that lead to something please let me know. I have a BEAR, a VER EEg and an MRI later this month and some kind of Ultrasound also. So if there is something wrong we should find it. I am just looking for others who have these type of feelings or starnges things happen. Many Thanks

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