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I am a 35 yr old female with 5 children under the age of 14yrs. I have married for 10 years. I have never had headaches like this. Its more like a sharp reoccuring pain on the right side. It goes from the top to the back of my ear.Even when the pain goes away if I touch me head it feels like i hit my head REALLY hard! I havent had any physical trauma but I have had a lot of stress.I have had stress headaches but they usually go away andI` ve never had a sore head. Sometimes it makes it hard totalk becuz it is so painful. Anyone felt like this or am I really losing my mind?
I too was having pain on my right side. I have had whiplash, so that may expalin it. Here is what my Dr gave me. But I would be checked out by your own Dr to rule out anything else that may be causing your pain.

Best of luck.

Pain Syndromes: Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital Neuralgia is pain located in the cervical (neck) and posterior (back) regions of the head (these are the occipital areas). This pain may or may not extend or radiate into the sides of the head ultimately, into the facial and frontal regions. Occipital neuralgia is really two separate disorders with similar symptoms: lesser occipital nerve neuralgia and greater occipital neuralgia. This disorder often occurs after a whiplash injury, a blow to the back of the head, or an injury that produces a twisting of the head.
Signs + Symptoms:

-Lesser-pain from base of skull near mastoid process radiating to area of skin over ear and lower temple

-Greater-pain from base of skull near midline toward vertex and across top of hemisphere toward frontal areas

-Pain is usually intermitted and frequently has a sharp quality

-Often tenderness of nerve and/or muscle is found at the nuchal line

Neuralgia can be extremely painful, and there are several approaches. In general a "holistic" approach is required, combining several classes of drugs.

-Oral medications for pain

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