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My husband has been suffering for about 4 years now but the past 3 months have been extreme. We really need some ideas as where to turn to next. Do we need a second opinion or do we stick it out with our current nuerologist?

35 yr old male

Told by current neurologist he probably had "Restless Leg Syndrome". Prescribed Neurontin- has been taking it for 2 wks. with no improvement but now experiencing headaches upon rising.

We just feel there is more to his condition than RLS.

He had on MRI on 6/13/03 and it was normal.

Here are his major symptoms-
Abnormal sensations- "pins and needles," numbness, itching, burning, stabbing or tearing pains.
Loss of balance- dizziness
Weakness in left arm and leg
Lack of coordination
Fatigue- weakness, mental fatigue, sleepiness
Changes in thinking or perception- slowed thinking, decreased concentration, or decreased memory
Muscle spasm/spasticity/tremors- muscles of the left arm and leg- he calls it a feeling like an electrical shock- it comes in repetitions of 10- 15 like a seizure just as he is dozing off and while he is sleeping. They sometimes occur when he is awake but, that is rare.
Difficulty walking- he has developed a limp when he is overly tired on the left side
Bladder retention is a problem- urgency increased and "dribbling"

TIA for any thoughts/advice!!

Queen Yam

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