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I posted this to someone else on the board today before I saw yours:
I hate to say it but when no tests show any results then it is diagnosised by symptoms only or as in my case can not be diagnosed at all becuase it resembles so many illnesses. At that point you should see a Mental Health Doctor and possibly a Therapist to help you make the first step, which is to except that you have a condition and must live with it. Hopefully tests will find something being the cause that can be diagnosised and cured. The main thing is not to fight it or deny it if it can't be cured for lack of diagnosis. Just go with it and let the bad days pass. Dwelling on it only makes it worse. Hopefully you have nothing that can't be cured and I may be a rare case, but I feel honesty is better then telling someone what they want to hear, only for a big let down later. I hope you come out well with this Friend and no matter what the outcome, you will survive and can live a fullfilling life. These are my symptoms and I do not need the Funny Farm:

Everyday !!!!!!!
Dull or sharp pains mainly deep in the left side of my head.
Pains in my hips, calves and primarily in my ankles and feet.
Muscle spasms in my chest, abdomen, shoulders, neck, arms legs and feet.
Sharp pains in various places on my body, sometime in two different specific areas at the same time that seem to relate to each other.
Sharp pains as though being stuck by a needle and when I push lightly on the area I get a pain in the back of my head.
Stomach bloating and a strapping feeling over the abdomen and lower chest area.
Pains in my left arm muscles and sore to the touch.
Shoulder and back pains
When bending over upper vertebrae from top of my back to back of head at the neck feel and sound as though they are spreading apart. Lower vertebrae do the same when bending over also.
Joints in hips sometime when turning seem as though they are sliding in the socket and I get sharp pains.
When lifting sometimes as little as a few pounds, elbows and shoulders fell like they are going to pull out of socket. Sometimes a coffee cup is to heavy to hold.
Numb feeling in face, lips, arms, basically anywhere is possible. Electrical tingling sensations also
Body temperature runs a couple of degrees lower then the first 40 years of my life.
Hot flushes and cold sweats, but always tend to be colder then others.
Heat, or hot shower water tends to make the left side of my headache.
Constipation, abdominal spasms, other times going 10 plus times a day
Dents have begun appearing more prominent such as at the top of my socks where the elastic has been and there are lines where my glasses arms against my face are at least three inches long and 1/8Ē deep or more.
I wear my glasses about 3 / 4 of the day and not at night and they are not to tight.
Weakness, fatigue and the need to nap. Dizzy if I hold my breath for 5 seconds or more.

During attacks:
Chest and body cramps diagnosed as seizures
Electrical shocks from head to toe
Warm body flushes usually starting in the lower abdomen area, spread over entire body and heating up to the point that I actually feel as though I am engulfed in flames and burning alive. Just when I think I will pass out or canít stand it anymore, my body cools and like a roller coaster it starts up again.
Feelings of fluids being released in the back of my head and other strange sensations

You can get through this if they find nothing if you except it. Denial and fear will only add to your condition. Think positive and don't give up

A Friend :wave:

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