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On Jan 18, 2003, I sustained a head injury that caused alot of problems, I had a ct scan done and they said it was "ok". Then they did a cervical mri and it showed straightening of the lordosis and a mild bulging disc. Months later and the headaches were still bad enough to where my neurologist ordered a cranial mri and thats when they found the pineal cyst that is 5mm by 9mm. The doctor says not to worry about it and is sending me to a neuro psychologist for further testin on July 22. I was fine before this accident and now my (and my 4 small children as well as my husband) life stinks. I am soooo tired all the time with no energy and the constant pressure headaches are getting old. I also have tingling and all the symptoms that I have read about here. My eeg shows that I have partial complex seizures in the same spot that I got hit. I guess my question is, can the cyst be caused by the injury or if I had it before, could it have aggravated it by the knock on my head that I got. It was a hard enough hit to where I had to have 4 staples to close the wound and a severe concussion and vertigo and all that jazz that goes with head trauma. My neurologist doesnt seem concerned with the cyst, but I am because any growth in the brain is not normal and I feel should be checked out not forgotten. Thanks for any help you can give.



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