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Hey everybody, this is my first post here so be patient with me =). Here's my situation. I used to suffer from constant headaches (roughly 3 per week) which would usually persist and worsen throughout the whole day. Now that it's summer, I haven't had these headaches nearly as frequently but a new problem has arisen. My problem is this:
2 months ago, a friend pointed out that there was a big vein on my head. I went home to investigate and surely enough, there was a vein running from my hairline, through my right temple traveling to my ear. Besides being aesthetically unusual, I'm a bit concerned about it. I'm 21 now and I've never noticed the vein. In comfortable conditions (relaxed, room temperature) the vein is slightly visible. However, if its hot or if I run or something along those lines, the vein becomes very obvious and pulsates quite a bit. This would be fine I suppose if it went away relatively quickly but it doesn't. For example, today I was driving my car and it was reasonably hot (maybe 85 degrees) out. As usual, my vein started to throb so I stopped near a well shaded, cool are to rest for a while. I waited nearly an hour as the vein refused to go away and continued throbbing and pulsating. This worries me some. It worries me more that it seems relatively new. I was curious. Does anybody else have this "problem" (provided that it is problematic) and if so, what was done about it? Is there something that triggers it in particular? Other than being mildly stressed and frustrated, I can't understand where this vein came from. It's completely absent from my left temple. Anyway, sorry about the long post and thanks for any responses.

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