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I am a 31 year old female & I have been experiencing symptoms now for quite sometime, and now I feel they aregetting worse. I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago with lymes disease. athough I never found a tick or rash my blood test ALWAYS SHOW POSITIVE, ok most of my ymptoms appeared back then but over the years they have gotton worse, increased, and changed somewhat. I have dizziness/ motion vertigo, I am swaying or the room is titlting I feel movement after any kid of movement! I have headaches everyday, lately I notice pressure like if I bend over I feel my head will explode. mostly in the front of head along with fullness and pressure in ears the temple pressure sometimes is scary, I also get this REALLY Wierd force like feeling in my head mostly on the sides, I get pins and needles after the force feeling, I also get brain fog disrealization, and a floating out of body sensation. I feel like I can't focus and my eyes wander/shift or shake in vision.. If i close my eyes and look up or dowm the pressure is there also.
I get tremors/shakes nervousness, fast pulse and heart rate. am so misarable all the time feeling tierd, weak, and I have a lot of musle tention in my neck and back of head into shoulder and pain down my arms mostly the left, I had echo's of the heart in the past DR. says I have a good heart but irregular beats goes fast slow and skips around my 24 hr holter monitor read irregular rythems, my blood pressure is great blood test is good. had a xray of the head and neck came back good, I do have TMJ problems. My Dr. claims this is all anxiety which yes I know I do suffer from but I suffer with anxiey cause these feelings in my head and balance problem scare the anxiety in me, I just wonder does anyone eles feel what I am feeling? my head feels so heavy sometimes I can hardly hold itup straght, and my temples feel like they are in a vice grip! should I look further into these feelings or brush it off as anxiety? if I was something horriable would i have it this long? althought the headaches/ dizziness are worse. PLEASE ANY HELP OR REASURRANCE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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