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[quote]Originally posted by cstiffey2003:
[b]i have been having twinges of pain in my head nervousness,mucle spasims,dizzyness,pressure in my head,left arm and had tingles,coldness and tingling in my head and face,and i also have double vision in my left eye,changes of brightness,and alot of neck pain. i went to chro.he said it was whiplash but i have never been in an accident. does any one else have these symptoms. please help

You said you went to "chro"...what does that mean? Chiropractor? If it was a chiropractor, just let me tell you that you should never go to a chiropractor when you have neurological symptoms like you are explaining. They are trained in joint/muscle manipulation...they're not neurologists and shouldn't be trying to treat/diagnose these kinds of problems.

What you are describing sounds like a problem in a specific part of your brain...why do I say this, because you are describing some symptoms, that occur specifically on one side of your body. The symptom that concerns me the most is the double-vision in the left eye only.

Go to the doctor as SOON as you can....this is serious.

thank you for repling i have been to a doctor he said it is not serious. i also went to an eye doctor and he said that my eye is very healthy i have a stigmatisim in my left eye he said that could be causing the double vision and he also said that if there was something wrong with my brain that was causing the double vision my optic nerve would be swollen from something putting pressure on my nerve. but he said my optic nerve was very healthy i do have double vision in left eye but only when i look at objects that are far away if i look at them up close i see them fine and it really just at night when the head lights are reflcting off signs. the signs look like they are three d. i have a special contact for my left eye that helps with the double vision. i have alot of neck pain my fourth and fifth vertbre in my neck is messed up instead of them turning with my neck they bend to the sides. i just was wondering if whiplash could cause me head pain and neck spasims.and head aches thats all and if you could get whiplash without being in a car wreck thats all. i just did not know i did have alot of other symptoms that went away after i started seeing the chiro. but thanks for your concern.if you have any more coments let me know.


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