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Hi projapoti
Thanks for responding. To answer your questions:

1)They can last from 45 minutes to all day. In the last couple of days they have been better. For example yesterday I my head did not bother me most of the day but around 8:30 at night a headache occured on the left side of my head. There is usually no pain with these headaches. They are just very uncomfortable.

2.)Most of the time they are unilateral on the left side. Sometimes they are unilateral on the right side. Occasionally they start off on one side and move to my forehead or the rear of my head.

3.) No nausea or vommiting.

4.) Sometimes laying down makes the headache better.

5.) Light and sound seem to have little or no impact on the headaches.

6.) numb was probablly the incorrect term for hoe they felt.I could feel my arms and legs and I could move them. Sometimes it would be my arms, other times it would be my legs sometimes both almost always on both sides. They just felt very strange and different. This has not been happening as much recently.

7.) No problems with vision

8.) No facial weakness

9.) I have had twitching all over my body the last couple weeks. Before yesterday it was not that noticable. It really started to bother me yesterday when I woke up. My fourth toe on my right foot just twitches by itself. It will do this several times a minute. It seems to be the worst when I am laying down or sitting still. last night I had twitching all over my body. I also just noticed a small bulge on my right leg near my foot. This might be the cause of the twitching or the twitching may have caused it?

10.) In the morning after I wake up it is not that noticable. I usually notice it after I have been outside for a while then go back inside. There isn't a huge difference in size but it is noticable. My right pupil is larger than the left pupil. I first noticed it when I was looking at my self in the mirror about a week ago.

11.) I have had no problems swallowing or speeking.

I am waiting for my doctor to call me with my MRI results. I am both anxious and scared to get the results. When I woke up today my legs were sore ( probablly from all the twitching) I must say that this whole situation has been extremly nerve racking. Everyday that I think I am getting better I find something new that scares me.

Thanks again for the reply

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