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I have been having these symptoms for 1 year and my doctors are still clueless! Please help! (I am 27-years old, with no health problems (other than this), no allergies, and only 1 family member with systemic lupus, with no other family history of any disease).

In June 2002, I started having left leg numbness/weakness and lower left back pain. Lumbar MRI revealed no stenosis (it did show 2 hemangiomas (L1, L4), but orthopedist said these arenít causing my symptoms). In December 2002, the numbness/weakness spread to include my right leg. A pelvic CT showed no more hemangiomas, and no occlusions. A full body scan showed nothing abnormal. In March 2003, the numbness/weakness spread to include both hands and forearms. A brain and cervical MRI showed nothing abnormal.

Now it is late June 2003 and I am still having the numbness/weakness in my arms and legs. It is not positional (it occurs during the day, while standing, sitting, jogging, sleeping), it is present for about 20 hours a day, it appears randomly with no known triggers, and it affects my coordination that I donít trust myself to play sports anymore. What is going on with me? Can it be cured? The internal med doctor said her best friend has the same symptoms and Johns Hopkins canít diagnose her either. The neurologists wonít do a spinal tap for arboviruses (ie West Nile), because they say they donít think that is it, plus there is no treatment for it anyway. Should I demand one?

Also, I have been having extreme neck muscle tightness with increased head pressure and headaches for the last 4 weeks (since May 2003). Ibuprofin and a muscle relaxant havenít helped. Is this related? What can cure this? The internal med doctor didnít know what this was either.

Please help. I need answers. I have a feeling that more people have the same symptoms as me, but the neurologists dismiss us as individual cases. We might be seeing a new disease?
Thank you.

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