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I can relate to the headaches that last for days....I have seeing a neurologist since January when i sustained a head injury. I also have partial complex seizures as a result of the injury but how that feels when i have one is like being spaced out. You are concious but things are fuzzy and you cant react to anything. The symptoms you described are very much like mine, I was also diagnosed with a pineal cyst and some will say that the cyst can cause these types of symptoms. Some docs believe they do some dont. Also i Have post traumatic stress disorder and that can cause these symptoms as well. Have you been through or witnessed a traumatic experience? Regardless, I recommend that you see a neurologist soon and have them do a cranial MRI. Nobody should have to suffer with what your are dealing with...there has to be a reason and dont give up until you get some answers. Best of luck to you and I hope you get some relief soon...I know those headaches that last for days can be hell. Oh..I also have a bulging disc in c-6 to C-7 and I was told that can cause the headaches as well. I hope that you get the answers and help that you need.



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