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Dear Tenor, I read your post with interest, as I do have ptc. I was diagnosed about a year and half ago, and to me, your symptoms are very similiar to mine. Pseudotumor is a rare, orphan disease, and usually it happens to overweight women, in their late twenties, early 30's, but there are men and children that do have ptc. I was treated for migraines for 10 years, never finding anything that helped. After a sinus surgury, my eyesight was blurry, so went to an optomotrist, that refered me to an neurologist, that sent me to an opti-neurologist, that did a spinal, and found that I had high pressure. I was treated for a year with Diamox, but my headaches got worse, so finally got an lp shunt put in on Dec. of 2002. Helped for the first 4 months, but headaches are back. The symptoms of ptc are severe headaches, especially bending over, ear ringing and whoosing,blurry and double vision,short term memory loss,neck and shoulder pain, fatique, nausea, dizziness, etc. When you have your spinal,if your pressure is anything higher than 20, it is a high reading, and that you most definatly have ptc.I sure wish you luck because there is no real cure and only speculations on how one gets ptc. Will be anxious to hear what the result of the spinal is. Take care. SusieQ

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