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Hi all, I am 19 years old, and am really going to try to make this as short as possible. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. I have suffered from fatigue for about 5 years now. Around the time this developed (seemed to start around the times I suffered from shingles and mono), I started getting tremors in my hands and twitching of my eyelids, eyebrows, and thumbs.My doc ordered some blood tests, all came out clear, and was told I probably have CFS, which I am convinced I do not have. The women on my mother's side seem to have a major predisposition to neurological disorders, mostly alzheimers, but also some ms. My grandfather had pernicious anemia at a young age. My symptoms are starting to come about in stages, one right after the other.

Stage1: (I call this the sleep disorder phase)
*Extreme fatigue with uncontrollable napping during the day along with remembering vivid dreams every morning and occasional sleep paralysis.
*Extreme lightheadedness almost every time I stood up, passing out on more than a few occasions.
*problems with word recall and concentration
* Quick stabbing pains in my head and arms
*problems with swallowing. I feel as if my swallowing reflex has degraded, which at the time I attributed to a tonsillectomy I had before the stage started.
lasted about 2-3 months

Stage 2: (off-kilter phase)
*problem with gait, balance
*my legs just giving away on me quite often
* noticed my left foot would kind of turn out a little when I walked
*started noticing floaters in my eyes which could be attributed to my astigmatisms
* While plucking my eyebrows, I noticed that I have some sort of blind spot. I can't look up to the left, and feel as if I just can't control my eye movements very well.
*unable to perform precise movements with my hands
*feeling of sunburn on my arms
lasted about 1 month

Stage 3: (tension/pain phase)
*Started developing a daily headache that felt like a buildup of pressure on the right side of my head.
* a lot of these headaches seemed to stem from a spot on the back of my neck. It could be just tendons or a lymph node, but I swear I feel something moving around back there. When the spot was pressed, I could feel the pain spread up to my head.
*constantly dropping things
*. Every once and a while my right hand will start tingling and turns extremely red. (possible Raynauds?)
*sciatic pain upon standing for too long
* scalp tingling for a few seconds on the right side
*tremors almost totally magically disappeared
*extremely cold feet, but yet warm upper body.

I am back in the sleep disorder phase, and feel like I keep coming in and out of the flu. I have also started to experience tingling on my left thigh. I have done massive research, have found many disorders with some of my symptoms, but no disorders with all of them. I feel like I am gonna have a nervous breakdown, because I am sick of feeling like this, and everybody thinking that I'm a lazy hypochondriac! Thanks a bunch.

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