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Sep 10, 2003
im 25 yrs old......Last tuesday i got a headache, lasted for 2 days.. went away got it back on fri. Fri afternoon i was in the shower and got really weak, eyes started doing funny things, and i was weak fingers and feet were tingling, wanted to puke just didnt have energy to move. I fell asleep then for a hour and woke up with a bad headache.. I took my blood pressure and it was 89/63 pulse was 79 .. I didnt go to the hospital, because i just thought maybe it would pass. (i sometimes always get dizy spells after standing up from as far back as 13 yrs old) the tingling and headaches have been coming and going as well as light headiness since then.. Lastnight i ended 8p going to the ER becuase my bp keeps going low and the headaches and tingling have scared me.. they ran blood test's and all that was fine.. dr said my right eye is blurry, and he wanted to get me in for a catscan but the technician left (it was 11pm) so he sent me home and told me to go for a cat scan today. Also wants me to get a MRA. He mentioned something about a vessel in my head that supplys blood to the brain... What could this all be from?? Im so scared. I go for my catscan friday at 4pm. Im driving myself nuts here.. Could it be a tumor??? Someone please reply.. thanks...

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