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QUOTE; I have been told that I have erosion of the Myelin sheath around the nerves in the spinal chord where it enters the brain. But so far, I have NO DIAGNOSIS for a disease!!

I have been receiving therapy for my depression from all of this, but it only helps just so much. I still have times when I want to just end all of the pain and suffering and endless doctors and tests.
First of all,I would like to express how sorry I am for what you must be experimenting. What captured my attention was the information regarding erosion of the myelin sheath because these are the glial cells that wrap around neurons, acting as an insulation that protects the neurons so the neural transmittors can work at proper and sufficient speed. A prominent sign of seriousness of the erosion state is faulty reflexes because without the myelin sheath (Insulation) reflex pathways would interfere with automatic reactions and could explain twitching. I would ask the doctor about prevention drugs for deterioration and, or prevention of Alzheimer's because that is unfortunately connected with the deteriorating process. Also, ask them about subsituting cholesterol medication with a proper diet which could eliminate a drug taken and also side effects of one or more drugs could be setting off the current condition. The sad thing is that fixing the damage that is done is unlikely yet, prevention is the utmost and relevant thing right now. I would also advice seeking out research clinics or brain injury centers, even though it's not due to injury, they research the brain continually and offer free information packages by mail. Educating yourself and seeking prevention is the key, as well as researching herbal medicines such as saint John's wort or brain food herbal mixes might help you. However, the medical profession frown on homeopathy remedies because it undermines there skills and elimates prescription drug support. I wish you the best of luck in your journey toward a clear understanding because without that spectrum of light, the darkness prevents you to take control of the problem and that is the main thing right now. Push for answers or find a neurologist that can provide an answer. You pay for this and you deserve to know and you deserve the right to take control and prevent what is causing grief. Stress will only increase the symptoms and eliminating this stress will definitely aid in the symptoms. Illness management has a lot to do with state of mind. Best of luck to you :)


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