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Don't feel like it's too strange...I have a very similar problem. I have had it for about 3 years on and off. Whether I laugh, cry, sneeze, yell, get up, etc. I will feel a searing pain through my neck and base of my skull, and then it feels as if my brain is too big for my skull...I explained it to my doctor by illustrating my point this way: you know when you watch those old Tom & Jerry cartoons and the mouse hit the cat's toe with a big hammer and the toe makes a "boing-boing" noise and swells up? Well that's the feeling/sound I get. And sometimes I gray out a little. I haven't experienced it for a little while now, but at some point it lasted for 3 months. Before that time, I ignored it...thought I was being overly sensitive...or maybe I was dehydrated...or that it was a head rush. Then when it lasted so long, I went to my doctor, told him about it, and asked to be given a referral to a neurologist. The neuro looked me over, asked a series of questions, gave me a "test" wherein I touched my nose, walked a straight line, etc. and then he pronounced me over-stressed and depressed, and wanted to put me on Elevil. I refused, because I didn't need the added problems of side effects. My husband has been around and watched as I've had one of these "attacks" and he was the one who urged me to bring it up with a doctor. Just hold in there, and if you can afford a second opinion, try and see a doctor that's been recommended by a friend or colleague. I wish you luck and resolution.

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