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Thanks, Head1 and Tascha. I'm going to go get information on the baord about inner ear problem. That is one of the things I was thinking but not suggested to me by any doctor yet. Yesterday, when I was making dinner, was my worse experience with dizziness. It came on for no reason. I wasn't bending over or hadn't even just gotten out of a car. I was just standing by the stove. All of a sudden I was so dizzy and nauseaous that I had to hold onto furniture piece after furniture piece to make my way to the living room and fall on the couch. Even after I was laying down, the room was still spinning which is not usually the case. It lasted for about five minutes then was gone. Everytime I get dizzy, it lasts only about five minutes then is gone. And it happens most times after I've gotten out of a car. Could someone tell me about their dizzy experiences so I can compare them to mine.

The tinninus is not really a pulsating rush of blood as if I'm hearing my own heartbeat in my ears if that is what you mean. My noise sounds like its coming from far away and the only way I can describe it is it sounds like the noise y ou'd hear in an industrial area from machinery. Its a two beat noise repeated over and over. Is your's like that? I don't grey out when I bend over but the pressure in my head increases. Alot of times I can feel it as it starts from the base of my neck and comes over my head. Sometimes its a constant low level all day, not like a headache, but like constant pressure. Sometimes its debilitating and scares me to death because the pressure is so great that I feel like something dangerous has to be going on. No tinging or pins and needles. I'm always tired but have been for years. I recently started taking anti depressants. Do you think it could be caused by that?

Thank you, all, for the many responses. I feel so alone with this, afraid to talk to too many people about it for fear they will either tire of me or think I'm crazy.

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