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For the last four or five months, I've had some really weird things happening to me. It started when there was extreme pressure in my head. It felt like whatever is inside my head was too large for its cavity and it was expanding. I also couldn't walk straight but didn't really feel dizzy as we know dizzy to feel. Also, when it happens, I hear this noise that sounds like a large drill drilling into the Earth for oil or something. Its a two beat noise and sounds like its coming far away. Sometimes my voice sounds far away when this happens, sometimes it doesn't. All of these things happen mostly when I'm driving, or am a passenger in a car, and then I get out. I'm fine when the car is moving, but when I stand up and get out, it happens. The first doctor I went to did a CT scan, a cbc, and checked my cholestoral. The CT scan and cbc showed nothing. My cholestoral is 347 but she said my symptoms can't be cause by high cholestoral. Because she couldn't find anything, she told me to go to a psychiatrist. MAn was I pissed. I told her that was a cop out on her part. Today, I went to another doctor and told her my symptoms. I don't know whether she believed me but she said she'll look at the test results that were taken and let me know what she thinks. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with me? It can't be psuedotumor or whatever I've been reaading about because I have no vision loss. Please help. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. I've spent four months on the internet trying to self diagnose and have come up with nothing.

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