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LifeJourney, your symptoms point to a severe sinus problem which is usually caused by allergies, which is what I have. Also, your symptoms seem to have started at the beginning of spring, when mine start also. I spent my entire life feeling well and suddenly developed allergies. I spent an entire summer feeling horrible and going to the doctor having loads of tests done and thinking there was something horribly wrong with me, ( doctor could find nothing wrong with me either ) Only when fall came did I make the connection to the weather and how I felt. I woke every morning feeling like I had taken some drugs, I was terribly tired and not with it at all almost the entire day, I had pressure in my head, it got worse when I bent over, fluid in my ears, dizzy spells etc. I would suggest checking on this as the source. Every single symptom you have named points to pressure in the sinuses and fluid in the ears, and this will cause every symptom you have named. I am now on Allegra for my allergies, the over the counter didn't help me at all. I would suggest seeing an ear nose and throat specialist or allergy doctor so you can see if this is the cause. If it is, there are many treatments out there for allergies, and some will not work for you, where others will work wonders. I really hope this helps you and you check into this as the source. Good luck

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