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Sorry you are having to deal with this. A year ago I had my first MRI without contrast and then another four months later with and then a cervical one as well.

My first one came back with a significant lesion of unknown etiology on the right along the optic tract periventricular to the right ventrical.

Because it was done without contrast it was indefinitive if the lesion was "active" or "gliosis" (scarred, old)

The defferential on my MRI was Demyelination (MS), inflammation, previous infection or injury, or small vascular lesion. (Basically that say's it could be anything)

I see a neurologist (on my third actually) but went to a teaching hospital in Massachusetts to get my problems diagnosed (the brain thing was the latest of a long list of disabilities elsewhere) I'm female and 33 with probelms since my first c-section in 1995.

Anyway, the second MRI found another non-specific lesion on the left upper side (peri-ventricular again) but smaller. Both lesions are scars, my neuro-opthamologist told me he was 99.9 percent sure it was a cerebral artery occlusion.

I had blood coagulation studies done and a TEE (look at my heart) which all came back normal but other tests are far from normal. So I still have a no real diagnosis except for they are suggesting that MS is still in the picture along with CVA. (stroke)

I am still in the diagnostic phase. My new neuro just did some Nerve conduction studies and Evoked potentials that I don't have results of. I go to a Pain Clinic and had a ton of blood work done without the results yet.

I have to call my neuro now actually and schedule a follow up for the test results or get them over the phone.

I know it's hard not knowing what is causing these things. I got alot of "your to young" it was prbably there since birth etc etc. Never taken too seriously because of my age yet after five years of being mistaken by my PCP for a Hypochondriac I got him to appologize when a baseball sized tumor was removed from my abdominal wall muscle with muscle by a general surgeon when my PCP threw his hands up in the air.

My point, persist, if you don't like a particular Dr get a new one, it's your body, your mind, I was told I had two panic attacks when actually the second one was most likely the stroke back in 1999.

Here it is years later, and being labled a "head case" caused enough of it's own problems. Anxious?, You bet, but because I'm scared the next time it won't be so forgiving.

Take Care and keep us updates

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