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hey everyone i am having problems some times i feel like im not all here like im just going through the motions sometimes i feel normal but most of the time I feel out of it like i was intoxicated i also get these pains in the left side of my brain it only last like a second then goes away sometimes when i move my head this happens it hurts pretty bad, my memory has gone to crap lately and i have this pain in the side of my head on both sides at different times it feels like an ear ache but its just above the ear I feel somewhat better when i lay down or go to sleep my ear also "pop" almost everytime I open my mouth (like that feeling you get when you travel and the pressure makes your ears pop) think im going to go to the doctors tomorrow i've also noticed my temple area hurts like a head ache like a just want to massage my temples i also feel sick every once in a while then when i lay down i feel better i also feel a weird pain above my heart sometimes kinda like a burning sensation don't know if it has anything to do with what im feeling with my head but thought i'd just put that in somewhere anyone felt like this and does this sound life threathing? im scared this has been going on for about 6 months and is getting a lil worse.

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