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[quote]Originally posted by Dodger8:
[b]It seems to me no matter how large it gets doctors will not help. My daughter had a 2.1 cm pineal cyst that was causing spinal fluid blockage and no doctor would still help her. She could not function!
We finally got help because my 2nd cousin got involved and he was in the medical field. He worked in neurology. Instantly she received help.

Do you mind if I ask you what they did for her? Reason I ask is because I had an MRI of the brain and neck done in April 2003.

One of the findings was noted as: "Fluid collection, most likely a pineal cyst to the right."

I am a 45 year old female, the neurologist told me that is was unusal to see this type of cyst in a female much less one 45 years old. He said that they normally see this in Pre-Teen Boys. (i always knew I was a male trapped in the female body.)[smile]

His recommendation to me was NOTHING. Just leave it alone unless it gets bigger and starts putting pressure on surrounding tissue. He told me if the cyst burst that it would be "no big deal" and I would just have a severe headache and maybe sick??? Whatever that means! I have 4 doctors working together and I am worse now than when I started seeing all of them. My vision is always blurred, severe headaches all the time, fainting spells, stay dizzy and brain fog like you wouldn't believe. Arms are always getting numb sometimes for hours. I have chronic severe insomnia and if I don't take 20 to 25mg of Ambien every night then I won't sleep until I do which has been sometimes 3 days. That's the longest I can go before absolute insane MADNESS sets in, even though I can be up 2 to 3 days and horribly exhausted I will still have to take a sleeping pill to actually fall asleep.

What I find disturbing is I'm desperate to find an answer to my problems and was doing more research on the internet about sleep. Out of all my doctors who ALL KNOW my insomina has never mentioned to me that the Pineal Gland is the only area of the brain that produces Melatonin...HELLO Doc...Melatonin is what produces SLEEP. Maybe I'm completely ignorant here but it would seem to me that just possibly the cyst has caused the Pineal Gland to stop producing Melatonin and that just might be why I can't sleep for days.

4 doctors and $10,000 later and I still have no relief or answers. In fact my internist is the one who has kept giving me Ambien without question. Yes, I know I'm addicted to them which he had no problem enabling until recently. I'm so disgusted with all my doctors and really don't want to go back and see them but I also don't cherish the thought of starting all over again with someone new. I feel like I'm going to have to though.

Another finding on my MRI says: "Abnormal lesions within the white matter, one of which is periventricular. (it says a whole lot of other medical mumbo jumbo too)

My neuro tells me that it is "probably" scar tissue from either head trauma, miagraines or I had Viral Meningitis last summer and he said it could be scar tissue from that. He felt highly unlikely that it was cancer because my bloodwork was not "abnormal" enough. It was "slightly" abnormal but I guess not enough to worry anyone.

I'm sorry my post rambled but I'm at my wits end. Trying to read some of the medical sights are so confusing. I've looked all this up but haven't been able to find much on any of it and what I did find, I didn't understand.

Thanks so much!

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