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In late June, after a CatScan and MRI, I was diagnosed with a Half a centimeter cyst in my brain, in my nervous system. I have been getting really intense pressure in my head, and pains in different places in my head, Today I was getting a bad pain in my right temple, but a little more to the right of it, and when I touched it, it hurt, almost lieka tender spot, And i noticed the veins that run along my temple are very noticeable to feel, and feel larger than usual, This has been going on for months now, but has gotten much worse very recently... Has anyone had anything like this? I also have alot of vision problems.. Anyone know what this could be? Im STILL waiting to hear from my neurologist.. please help me!!!!

I also had a few blackout spells, One where I went completely unconscious for about 10 seconds. Yes, I have my mom, and shes been through this with me the whole time but she doesn't really know anyhting about this type of thing. All the doctor said was that my cyst is in my nervous system, in my brain. I have insurance, but none of the doctors seemt o be listening to me when I say what pain im in, And they all dont really do much for me. When i saw a chronic fatigue specialist he told me fainting was common with CFS and wants me to come off of my Trileptal( When i had that blackout and went unconscious, my neuroglist said it was a seizure and put me on it) but the neurologist said i shouldnt. So i dont knwo what to do. In my MRI, i looked at it, and where it is, it looks like a branch and it splits into 2, and onthe left side of it theres nothing, and on the right is the cyst, im not quite sure wehre it is, i didnt see the MRI, but i snuck a peak when i was int he hallway to my neurologist. lol. I'm in massachusetts.

Thanks for your help!!

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