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Christina, from what you described you have great
confidence in your Chiro. A whiplash/pinch nerve can
cause headaches. Not `stabbing'. @ 45 `not old', my
mis-diagnosis led to 10 yrs of worsening pain & 4 major
surgeries. TN can ocurr in children also & always mis-
diagnosed so they suffer. Yes, your Chiro is wrong. TN
isn't attached to neck nerves. It means`painful spasm'
mostly over-looked, mostly one sided, patient always says `stabbing like ice-pick pain'. And is mostly
felt in the temple to upper head & above ear when bad.
Seek a headache neuro. later on or talk to family dr.
Yes, whiplash can cause TN if severe. Manipulation won't fix it though. Gd. luck.

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