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No Dr. can dx my condition. Slight wind & my head starts to feel agitation inside & then severe pressure
as if skull can't accomadate the insides. Feels like a
tremor w/ locked ears getting fuller ea. minute. Attack
can ocurr while sleeping too. Pressure becomes intense
& finally ears spasm & canals are popping wet. Xanax
seems to stop spasms but I've been suffering w/ this
for yrs. Sleep deprived & sometimes rx doesn't work.
MRI & EEG show nothing of help. Elevators & car travel
can also trigger. No Vestibular problems. Just feels
like terrible inflammation & head edema, then a crisis
feeling. Does anyone know what this might be? Many Dr.
tests. Appreciate any suggestions or just to hear from
another that has this problem.

You and I have similar symptoms---
Three years ago, I was on a plane coming home from Europe. You know how your ears pop on the plane and you get that stuffy feeling in your ears---well my ears have never unpopped. I have had EXTREME pressure in my head that feels like my head is in a vice from the inside out. I have had this problem for 3 yrs. and have been to many doctors and have had numerous tests done. All with no results. This has affected my vision--it feels as though I am lookin through a heat wave--very strange and it is like this 24/7. My body feels tight all over and at times I get an internal heat where I am burning up inside. My main problem is that my ears are clogged and need to pop. Also the extreme pressure in my head. I am 27 and have had this problem for 3 yrs. It has put my life on hold--I am unable to work and can't even drive because of how I see and how uncomfortable I feel with constant pressure in my head and body.----

Any suggestions or does any of this sound similar? I think it is relevant to mention that I have never had any health problems in the past and was fine before leaving Europe.


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