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Thanks for your reply. I realized after I made this post that I had just started with a new splint therapy.
It does seem to be helping. On thinking back, it seem that I have heard these noises when there were changes going on in the TMJ area. It's possible this was the cause.

My head, face, neck, shoulders, & back do give me a lot of muscle problems. I get enormous relief from Theraputic Massage. Muscle spasms, Tinnitis and nerve pain (from surgical damage)are the worst of my symtoms.

I'm still very curious about these strange noises. In the past, I have heard loud popping, sometimes almost explosive noises and then the "zaps" that are like an electrical arc, that's about the best description I have. I've had every kind of scan and test under the sun and other than the damage from long-term TMJD and the surgeries I've had, they find nothing.

I also am curious about brain spasms. I see posts regarding this and am not sure what it is. Occasionally, it feels like my brain jerks or does something weird and Doctors sometimes make you feel so stupid, I've never mentioned it. Could you tell me what a brain spasm is?

TMJD presents with many strange and seemingly unrelated symtoms. Especially when you have had multiple surgeries and nerves have been cut and damaged. Those of us who have this problem have been kind of left to our own resources in searching for answers.

Any information you have would be appreciated.

Cymy Sue

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