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Hi I am 25 and for quite some time I suffer from tension. I sometimes wonder if I have at tumor or am trying to have a anurisum. I have to wear my hair up mostly to get rid of the tension. It is near the temple area usally and pulsates. I sometimes get server migranines. I was diganoised like 6 months ago with tigenry nygerlia. That came on all of a sudden scared me to death they treated me with steriods and that had now gone away but i continue you with a everyday tension ,slight headache,pain in neck in shoulders.Alot of pain in face in eyes stabbing pain under eye lids in front of cheeks. I know this can be sinus related and clusster migraines. But these symptons stay pretty frequant every day like. I had a ct of brian and everything said was fine. I dont know what is going on but I would like to start to wear my hair down again. I used to never like my hair up. Now its like I cant let it down or I have sharp pains in my temples... Please help some one..

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