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Re: Pineal cyst
May 29, 2003
hi. i am new to this board. i just found out i have a 7 - 8 mm. cyst in my pineal gland based on results of a brain mri. i got the mri ordered by my neurologist who i began seeing because of my consistent deja vu. he told me not to worry about the cyst and that we could do a repeat mri in 6 mths. i also consulted the 3 drs whom i work for and they all agreed it wasn't a big deal. i am upset because none of them linked my deja vu to the pineal cyst. this gland obviously controls produced this feeling from my readings on the internet today. has anyone connected pineal cysts to drug abuse? i have been taking high dosages of anti-depressants for 2 yrs now per my psychiatrist. i have been up to 450 mg effexor xr along with 300 mg wellbutrin sr. i am currently down to 75 mg effexor, 300 mg wellbutrin & 30 mg celexa. i also had a severe drug abuse problem in the past 2 years. i was snorting up to 4 sonata (sleeping pills) a day, along with smoking mass amounts of marijuana, drinking, and various rx drugs. i have finally began NA and have been working really hard at being sober. i just think that the sleeping pill abuse is what has caused this cyst since the pineal gland controls the melatonin production. and i also think that since i have been on ssri's for so long, that this is probably another reason, since melatonin is from seratonin? if anyone has advice pls reply or email me.

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