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CT scan vs. MRI
Sep 25, 2003
I recently had a CT scan of the brain that was normal.

My mother's friend is a neuro ICU nurse for 5 years and I was talking to her about this and my symptoms. She said that she was surprised that they didn't do an MRI instead.

I asked her if a CT scan could miss anything and she said that a CT scan won't pick up tumors unless they are very large, but an MRI most certainly would. She also said that it didn't matter whether I had contrast or not (which I did).

She recommended going back to my doctor and asking to have an MRI just to be sure.

I've been considering going back to the doctor, but I don't want to be a pain in the butt.

Any opinions on this or does anyone know if one test is better than the other?

Re: CT scan vs. MRI
Oct 18, 2003
Thanks to everyone for replying. It seems that MRIs are better than CT scans in detecting certain things. I think i'll be looking into that soon.

I go to a chiropractor for my neck and lower back, but the adjustment to my neck didn't seem to help with what's been going on.

I've been having headaches that tend to be in the same place. They're kind of a pressure/fullness feeling and are kind of throbbing. They get worse when I lie down. They are not migraines. I used to get migraines when I was younger from food sensitivities. These headaches aren't nearly as bad.

I also recently have been having spots in my vision. They started out as small and not occuring much. Now they're popping up more frequently and are bigger. They're glittery & bright, not black spots. These don't seem to be related to the headaches.

I started to have the occasional muscle twitch and in the last few months that has progressed to an occasional single jerk of an arm or leg or twitching of strange places: tongue, face, bottoms of feet, inner ears, etc. I also have been having sensations of very localized tingling in my face, arms, hands, and sometimes a sensation that I'm actually being touched when I'm not. The tingling feels like it's "floating" just above my skin.

I generally feel mentally foggy and forgetful, which is unusual for me. I've always had a very good memory. I'm more tired than usual and I sometimes have a hard time doing my job, which requires typing. The problem is, sometimes when I'm typing, I start typing things backwards. I think I've typed something right and I look at it later and it's totally messed up. It happens rarely and I can still do my job, but it has me concerned. I don't feel like I'm as nentally acute as I was just a few months ago.

I had blood taken in the beginning of September to test for arthritis because of ankle pain. It came back normal except for positive ANA. I'm not anemic. I don't mean to sound negative, but I almost wish I was anemic because it would explain a lot of what I've been feeling AND it's easy to fix.

I have a very positive family history of brain & spinal cord tumors, so I should probably get checked out more thoroughly rather than just assume my symptoms will go away on their own.

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