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Oct 20, 2003
hi i posted quite a long messege in the headache section i thought id add some details here too as someone may know more than maybe someone in headache section
ill try and shorten down the headache post

i have a really funny feeling in my head its hard to describe its on the left side like a few inches above my ear and back abit its not really a headache but its like a strange feeling, burning or something, v hard to explain im worried its a brain tumour as ive been taking pain killers as my doctor told me to and they have worked to a certain exstent but not completley got rid of it (just if u dont read the other post in the headache section - it seems the same feeling in my ear or its like when ur underwater, i also wake up with a sore neck tension headaches or something i dont know although i didnt this morning - actually if your going to reply here could u read the post i made in the other section as most of the details are there that ive probably forgot to mention here)
i have recently noticed that i get the old like muscle twitch in my arms and legs nothing bad, i only notice if im thinking about it or watching tv just a little twitch but i dont know if its stress related or something as im really worried about the sensation in my head and (if u read the headache section, the problem with my heart too) all this has caused me to be under a lot of pressure recently and im getting quite depressed about not sure wot the symptons are of brain tumours well ive read some but i dont know how accurate they are, i dont feel sick, i dont get dizzy and when i went to the hospital the doctor did some like tests where i had to move her finger with my tongue through my cheek, follow her finger with my eyes and push her hand away with my chin, i did all them easy enough but i just find it annoying that they tell me its just a simple headache and take some painkillers for them when to me this isnt a simple headache because its not really an ache just a really funny doesnt bother me anyway i can get on with things as normal but its just worrying me..its not as bad as it was before but i just dont think its gonna now experiencing a few little headaches here and there on the right side of my head...these are coming and going and are probably because im glued to my pc screen like i usually am and im getting some contacts in 3 days
today i had diar...(this is also in my post and i just cannot spell it so im not gonna bother) but i had that today im hoping its from the painkillers or the beta blockers im on for my heart i dont know if this is any like sympton for a brain tumour but im just getting picky now thinking every little pain i get means ive got a brain tumour if anyone knows of this or what it is..or someone could reassure me its not a brain tumour (hopefully) id be very happy..i havent had any scans yet as im worried of what they will find

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