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I recently was hit from behind while playing hockey. I went head first into the boards very hard. My neck jerked very badly. I got up a little dizzy but seemed fine. After the game my shoulder and trapezius felt a little weird. The next morning my shoulder hurt bad. I could not sleep on it for the weeks to come. After looking up info online and tlaking to my chiropracotr, I had come to the conclusion that i had somehow hurt my A.C. joint, and that is the result of my shoulder pain. I am begginning to think that because the pain is not just in my shoulder but extends down my biceop and into my hand even, that there is some type of pinched nevre/nerve damage. I feel some tingling sensations now and then around me shoulder and neck area. I have a history of back and spinal problems. I fractured my L4, L5 vertebrates a while back, and had a great deal of pain from my sciatic nerve. I am wondering at this point because of the fact that i went in head first and hurt my neck, if this shoulder/bicep pain is a result of a pulled/torn ligament or if it is nerve related. I was also wondering how long/ or if ever i could get over this? This is incredibly hard for me i am 20 and lifting weights is one of the most important things to me. Someone please reply and let me know if they have shared a similiar experience or what they think would be the solution? thank you.

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[This message has been edited by jmess (edited 10-11-2003).]

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