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Re: Pineal Cyst
Sep 26, 2003
[quote]Originally posted by mojen:
[b]Try Dr. Lu. He's a neurosurgeon in Winter Park...near the intersection of SR 50 and Mills (17-92). I have a 2.5mm cyst that he is monitoring. He described a surgical option he was willing to perform if my symptoms get to be too much to bear.[/b][/quote]

What kind of symptoms do you experience?
I had an MRI done April of this year. I was told that I have a Pineal Cyst but they didn't tell me what size it was. I was told "not to worry about it" that it would only cause me problems if it got larger and started pressing on surrounding areas. I have many symptoms that four of my doctors conclude is from Fibromyalgia. $10,000 and four doctors and I am only worse now than before. I'm so disgusted and fed up.

I also suffer from chronic severe insomina and cannot sleep unless I take 20/25mg of Ambien a night. If I don't take it then I'll stay awake 2 sometimes 3 days. This last weekend I was doing research on the net about sleep problems and discovered that the Pineal Gland is the only area in your brain that produces Melatonin! All my doctors know of my severe sleep problems but no one mentioned anything about if having a cyst there could cause sleep deprevation. This may sound really ignorant but is it possible that my cyst has cause the pineal gland to STOP producing melatonin?

What kind of surgical procedure is needed to remove the cyst? Aspiration or actual opening the scull and cutting?

Thanks for listening.

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