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Re: Pineal Cyst
Oct 9, 2003
I also have a pineal cyst. Mine is 5mm by 9mm and I was also told not to worry about it. I will have another cranial mri next june to see if its grown. Doc says if it hasnt grown then to forget about it. They are more concerned with the PTSD/panic/anxiety and severe depression I have from a head injury in January. Funny thing is I have kinda forgotten about it and put all my symptoms down to the other diagnosis i post concussion syndrome, bulging discs and now permanant neck and right shoulder muscle damage. I live real close to winter park and would love to see what that doc thinks but right now I see so many docs I just dont want to go to any more. I also have a dropped bladder and other things going on. I cant decide whats more important because i can no longer drive due to partial complex seizures (also a result of accident) and I dont know if my symptoms are from the host of meds im on or what. Im so confused. I wish you all the best.
Take care,
I was also told that unless the cyst reaches at least 1cm most docs wont touch it and that the cyst of my size wont cause symptoms....who knows anymore?

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