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I've been experiencing the same! I thought I was alone! I have checked online and found NOTHING till this board. And, yes, it's the left side!

I just started Wellbutrin for postpartum - and wondered if that had anything to do with it. I have had anxiety attacks in the past - but not for a long time. It's the strangest feeling - almost like something crawling on my scalp about three inches above my left ear, then the feeling spreads downward until my left ear up tingle, then feel almost numb, but not quite... It's only been the last week or so - please tell me it will get better or stay the same.. that's my biggest concern, that it may get worse... (Well, other than what's causing it! - but everything I read says that the scalp is controlled by the cervical nerve - so I feel like it is probably a pinched nerve?)

Anyone have any new developments or word?
Hi, I was so surprised to see so many with this same strange symptom. I am also having this tingling, crawling sensation on small part of my left scalp. It comes and goes and sometimes I have some discomfort, like I bumped my head. I am a migraine sufferer and this is the same side my migraines appear on.
Hi,I posted earlier about having the symptoms of crawling and numb sensation on the left side of my scalp. Strange, but the symptoms have stopped since I changed the shampoo I was using. Could be a coincidence, but maybe it was an allergic reaction. If the symptoms don't return then I'll be convinced.

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Hi all,
I have had the most bizarre symptoms for two years now...burning tingling head, crawling from my neck up to my scalp, burning sinuses, eye pain, ear aches, tooth aches, jaw pain etc.....
I had CTS, MRIs, scintographies etc...done but with little success. Then I got some viral results back...I tested positive for about 6 Herpes viruses of which 4 were somewhat active. I was labelled Chronic Fatigue for two years and now I know where it all blew in from. Viruses attack your nervous system. They will not show up on any imaging tests. I also have temporal artertis on the right side of my head which makes me a bit nervous in hot weather and under strenous physical work.
The nerve pain is debilitating on days, I can live with the hands and feet, but the tingling head and bizarre head pressure, eye pain and jaw ache drive me insane. Pain killers do nothing and neurological meds turn me into a zombie.
Just another thought on what it could be from my own experience.
TAke care
[QUOTE=bbithead;2831092]Hi y'all - great to discover many with identical symptoms - helps me to realize that (1) I'm not crazy & (2) I might be able to make it better! Quick bio & history: 43 year old guy, married, kids, last 18.5 years at Umungous Pkg Shipping company on computers, 3 yrs before that on computers, then USMC; overall healthy, generally good diet, not that good at the excercise!

First neuro related problem 9/2004 when I spent 4 solid days (and I mean solid, with little movement) on PC at desk. 5th day (friday) started vacation. Drove a few hours to vacation site, went to sign into hotel and could not hold or control the pen, nevermind try to sign my name. Was a little scared. This continued for next 5 days, worse before better. Other symptoms were that left hand was almost as bad, both forearms felt as if they were extremely swollen, but no visual/physical change to forearms. After return from vacation, went to Dr who chkd me out and said was "Computer Related Syndrome" (which I have started to look for on web), recommended to neck stretching & don't sit at PC for any more than 20-30 minute intervals. I have not spent "solid" time on PC since and have not had re-occurence.

Roll forward to 10/2006 (5 months ago), I began getting the left scalp tingling that the majority of people in this thread describe. Also more frequent headaches, usually temporal and sore eyes. Also first time I felt like I had heart attack (very scary), have had chest pressure/discomfort on and off since, but also have a sinus infection (now clearing up since I finally went to Dr who has me on Amox). Still chest symptoms, sinus clearing up, tingles on and off always (like right now).

So, from what you're all saying, would you say the tingling is not going to completely go away, but that I can relieve it some if I lower stress and anxiety?

Thanks! [/QUOTE]


I feel the same way too. I thought I was the only one in this world who has all these funny feelings. It feels like ants craawling inside your scalp.

My symtom starts with facial numbness in 2001. I was all stressed up with works and young children in the family. My symtom has gone on and off during these few years. At the beginning, I don't quite understand how it starts and ends.

Last year I started having this slight blurr vision in the morning and dry eyes and bloated eyes too.

Went to see eye doctors they mentioned nothing wrong till I insisted on my symtons then they did a dry eye checkup for me and found I was experiencing dry eyes. My dry eyes continue on. I also have this strengthless left arms and left side chest pain sometimes since beginning of this year.
Just few months ago I start feeling the tingling effect on top of my left scalp areas. I also feel some itchness inside my left ear. Really feels like so many ants inside my ears and crawling towards my lef scalp.

Went to do a full body scan. Went on some diet and fasting.

I am taking this "extent vision" from vitamin research, I now feel better for my eyes problem.
I am taking "ultrabone" from Source Natural. It is quite good.

I am also taking EFA, a kind of fish oil. I feel better less sensation on top of my scalp.

I think it is alot to do with stress and computer work. I spend lots of hours in front of computer as well. I do experience better health if I am off the computer the whole day.

I am taking some taichi classes right now. It really help me alot for relaxing.

I think health lifestyle is the best cure of all medicine.
I have to find a way to balance our lives.

It is not easy. I know. It is worthwhile to try to keep it up....

Nice to come to the Health Board to see so many people are having similar problems. At least I now do not feel so alone.

Take care. God Bless all of us.
Can someone please give some advice on how to treat this condition?? It seems as though its very difficult to treat because it could be a number of different reasons causing the tingling sensation on the scalp.
I've been suffering from this for the last 5 years on and off. Seems only to come on when im really stressed out or tired. Also staring into a computer screen for a long period of time doesnt help either.
I have bad posture as well. I get neck pain that sometimes feels as though its coming from my ears. The tingling crawling sensation is only over the left side of my scalp. My eyes water alot and i tend to sweat excessively when exercising around this area of my scalp.
Anyone with advice would be much appreciated :)
Ok this afternoon I seen a Dr about the tingling crawling sensation over my scalp. I also told him about my excessive sweating in these same areas that I get this perculiar annoying sensation. The Dr informed me that it's actually a skin problem possibly brought on by stress. He asked me if I had eczema as a kid which I did and said it's related to that as well. This is the first Dr that has ever put it down to this. As far as I can see not many Dr's have any idea how to diagnose this condition. If anyone has this problem when you go to the Dr ask him/her to treat it as a skin condition avoid taking antidepresants or anxiety drugs.
Good luck!!
It is such a relief to find a website like this and finally connect all my problems together.

I too have been having the tingling, crawling, pulsating feeling in the right side of my head and the burning, fullness and tingling in the ears.

The illnesses i have got are as follows:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (a weakness in the secondary nervous system) in my right leg, back, neck and left wrist, which causes stiffness, pain, aches etc. Have had this for nearly nine years.

Depression for nine years as well causing panic attacks, stress, anxiety and tension all over my body.

Eczema. Have had a recurring rash under my right eye for over 15 years now, this time it is lasting longer and only just found out that it was eczema and am currently taking cream for it.

Went to see the doctor last week for the problem in my head and she told me it was stress and put me on a higher dosage of anti-depressants, as yet it has not gone but does feel slightly better. I also if I'm occupying myself I don't even feel it and also don't get it when I first wake up or usually not when I'm standing up right, it's when I sit down and start thinking about it it comes back then I get anxious then it get's worse. Stress has also caused my neck and shoulders to get very tense which the doctor says can also bring on the problem in my head.

Also it is good to see a previous post mentioning eczema can be a cause of it as well and I also sit long hours in the front of a computer and have very bad posture.

Well I can finally link all my problems together to this head problem.

Also has anyone tried doing this: get your hand halfway between you jaw and your neck on the side of the pain and lift your skin up, I have tried that and it completly goes also a nice soothing massage around your spine, neck and shoulders helps the pain disappear.

Anyway hope I have helped as you have helped me.

Thank you and take care of yourselfs.
I have many of these same symptoms. Been happening for 5 months now. I researched the net and many of these symptoms can be from several different things. Though, I do believe I have found what mine is from. I suffer from the sensation of bugs crawling in my hair, face, and ears/ like an itchy feeling. It is worse in those areas. Though it is pretty much my entire body, but not as bad as those areas. Sometimes sharp nerve pain in my eyes. My arms and hands has it good, but not as severe as from the neck up as I described earlier. Tingling in my hands and feet. And sharp sensations at times like I am being stabbed in my legs. Burning sensations in my hands, legs, arms, and ears. Pins and Needles in feet hands basically all over. I went to my chiropractor for back and neck pain, I had these symptoms but I didn't mention it I didn't think it was related. Though after some discussion with him of what had happened to me and my symptoms described above, and an MRI it was clear as to what is causing this. In April of 2006 I totalled out my car. At the time I didn't realize I had whiplash. (they say it dosn't get you until later). I was in pain after the accident but it went away after a couple of days. Then about 4 months later I slipped and fell down the stairs and hit my forehead on the window ledge at the bottom. Jarring my head and neck backwards (apparently making the whiplash that I didn't know I had worse). That is the time I noticed the symptoms of crawling, tingling, pins and needles, and the other symptoms (but I didn't put all together at that time). Anyway, I had an MRI and I have 5 bulging disks in the C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, and C7 of my cervical spine (neck). The chiropractor says these disks are pressing on my nerves causing these very annoying and at times quite painful sensations. His recommendation, get the inflammation down by using and ice bag (10 inch blue ones), and wearing it on my neck and back for hours on end. My neck and back are in such bad shape it is difficult to get the inflammation down, as I do sit at a computer all day. I wear the ice on my back at work for 5 to 6 hours a day. And at night, I sleep on the ice on my neck. It is difficult to wear it during the day on my neck, unless I am at home in comfortable chair that I can lean back on to hold the ice in place. I use a girdle type thing to strap the ice on my back. I look like a hunchback (I wear two bags on my back, one on the lower, and on in the middle), but I don't care. I just wan't these horrible sensations to go away. Like someone else has mentioned, it has effected my social life, as I am always rubbing my skin or scratching at my head, rubbing my face. Not very attractive and embarrasing for me. I am relying on my chiropractor to help me. Surgery is out of the question. If I was an at home body and didn't have to work, I would be recovering faster. As I could use the ice a lot more and the imflammation would go away faster. My chiropractor cannot adjust my neck and back with inflammation. It is too stiff to even get it to adjust and I am learning what to do and what not to do to aggravate it and make it worse or make it take me a step back. But, we are working on it, I see him twice a week. Hope this information has been of help to the ones reading it. It may very well be your buldging disks, if you have some. A good term for this is called Neuropathophysiology.

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