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I've had this off and on for several months. But mine starts on the right side - around my eye. And my eyeball feels kind of numb - like when it's dilated. But it's not numb to the touch. If it's really bad, the tingling "creepy-crawlies" move back up my forehead and then start surrounding my head. So creepy. The numbness feeling around my eye has almost constantly been there for 2 months, at different stages of discomfort.

My various doctors think it's atypical migraines. Though the pain doc is sending me for biofeedback therapy. We'll see how that goes. I was taking depakote which did seem to help - but I can't take it anymore.

I had an MRI of cervical spine which was fine. The MRI of my brain was ok - he said there is a small spot - right side of my head, that could either be just a space, or some kind of cyst (probably something I was born with). He said we can do another MRI in a year, he wouldn't worry about it at all. But regardless the location of it shouldn't be the cause of these problems.

I am going to have someone else look at the MRI and CT scans just to be safe. They scare me a bit.

I also have major sinus headaches that seem to precede the tingling, most of the time. Anyone else?
Hi Everyone,

Just started having this tingling sensation on Friday. It started on the right side of my head, a bit behind the temple, towards the ear. It was more of a pain than a tingle at that time. Almost a week later, I have it now on the left side of my head, centralized near the jaw joint by the left ear. Went Monday to the ER to get it checked out - CAT Scan and blood tests came back negative. I would like to visit a specialist - maybe get an MRI. I am going to my GP doctor tomorrow for a follow-up. The sensation is tingly, slightly numb feeling, kind of like the water bubbles as described in a post above. I don't know if I can correlate the events, but I was on Lipitor 20 mg since Nov. 2002. I went to the doctor last week to see if I should change medication, since I was experiencing muscle pain in calves, tricep, chest. He suggested trying Crestor, a new statin drug. I took only 2 doses, one on Wed, the next on Thurs. On Friday afternoon, I felt a slight pop or click sensation about an inch above my right ear. I stopped taking the Crestor. Then I got the headache in that same spot. I can't necessarily correlate the statin drugs to the pain, but it was the only thing that I had changed. I have been stressed out a bit - was laid off in Nov. 2002 until July 2003. Have a baby who is teething, so I'm not getting good sleep. Have a new job, & haven't seen my friends for awhile. Could be depressed, stressed, TMJ, etc. Hope to find out soon. Thanks to all who posted on this topic.
I'm a 30 year old graduate student with similiar symptoms. One night after an eight hour long stint on the computer (not a regular occurence)-I started having shooting pain and tingling on my upper back--it got worse--within a few days the skin on my right arm started going numb--eventually I have alternating numbness and tingling in both of my legs--A couple of weeks later I strained my upper back and shoulder and the symptoms worsened, but I was having no problem functioning or teaching classes. I saw a neurologist and he said it was oversensitivity He didn't elaborate on this diagnosis and later told me that he thought I suffered from somatization (essentially he believed that I was subconsciously causing my own symptoms)--by the way he took no tests prescibed me Trazadone. I immediately started having strange side effects- pressure in my head, neck, and chest-he kept me on the medication anyway (I suspect the nurse didn't tell the Dr. about my sideffects). After stopping the medication I felt better for a short time (my original symptoms were never helped or made worse by this medication). The pressure in my head and chest returned and actually became worse after a visit to a chiropractor-- Now I have a tight numb feeling on my forehead, and intense pressure in the back of my head and neck, and strange tingling and itchy sensations in my head. It's always there-never quite goes away although sometimes it gets worse. It is affecting my short term memory and sometimes I also have a difficult time reading- I've had a MRI of my brain and nothing conclusive was found. I've seen two psychologists who have assured me this is not simply stress. They also did not think that it was a psychological problem. My general Dr and new neurologist have tested me for viritually every disease and condition and have found nothing-everything comes back normal. One of my doctors (the others disagree) has suggested that it might be beign intercranial hypertension--but at this point I am reluctant to have a lumbar puncture-I don't really need my head to feel worse. At this point my neurologist is at a loss to explain what is wrong with me. I'm having an MRI of my spine tommorrow-and while I hope they don't find anything-it is horrible to have such strange symptoms without a reason. I'm still working and taking care of my children- most of the time I try to ignore the symptoms and do my best to concentrate. Does anyone have any ideas?
Hi all,
I have had the most bizarre symptoms for two years now...burning tingling head, crawling from my neck up to my scalp, burning sinuses, eye pain, ear aches, tooth aches, jaw pain etc.....
I had CTS, MRIs, scintographies etc...done but with little success. Then I got some viral results back...I tested positive for about 6 Herpes viruses of which 4 were somewhat active. I was labelled Chronic Fatigue for two years and now I know where it all blew in from. Viruses attack your nervous system. They will not show up on any imaging tests. I also have temporal artertis on the right side of my head which makes me a bit nervous in hot weather and under strenous physical work.
The nerve pain is debilitating on days, I can live with the hands and feet, but the tingling head and bizarre head pressure, eye pain and jaw ache drive me insane. Pain killers do nothing and neurological meds turn me into a zombie.
Just another thought on what it could be from my own experience.
TAke care
Hi there again,
At first I was freaked out by the symptoms because carcinoma cancer has a special face tingling phenomenom as its symptom which is usually following a meal, drinking, or any excitement.
I had cancer ruled out at the beginning also because of the general lymphedenopathy I had had.
Once evrything obvious had been ruled out and nothing was left, one doctor finally took my advice to test for viruses (I had had a hunch for a while that it could be this) and HHV1, 2, EBV, CMV and HHV6 came back positive with the EBV and HHV6 being the highest. By the time the results came back I even underwent some form of liver hepatitis so the pain was excruciating. I am not an expert and I always forget which of the Herpes travels along your nerves (definitely Herpes Zoster(chicken pox)) and Herpes 1 I think (somebody correct me if I am wrong). I am a senisitive person so it seems that HHV1 or 2 have taken up momentum in the last three months but they will go unnoticed in most of the population. Doctors underestimate this and when I finally found a dr who would listen to me (a countless no. brushed me away as a lunatic) I was told that not many drs know what to do with this and prefer to send you to the shrink than take care of it. It may not be your problem but it has sure been an interesting road to discovering this problem for me over the past two years. The hell I had been through, all of the dental work I had done for nothing etc... I once had a herpes facialis (cold sore) strip across my entire chin a few years back and it seems that the location of it was stored in my nerve memory and the stress and EBV I had had in the past two years "re-awoke" it. It is literally travelling along the trigeminal nerve, from the 1st molar (which is healthy) to my ear and into my eye causing sinus disfunction, head pressure and facial tingling. The stage you all describe was a half a year ago for me when I thought the entire joke had reached its peak and I had all of my wisdoms removed because they were being blamed for it. On and off, my the sides of my face not only burn and tingle up to my temples but they go numb and cause me to lose 100 % control of my speech and to drool a bit. I have learnt how to control that situation now (I am a teacher) so it is not so depressing.
Somebody mentioned IBS i their post which as a dr, would be a hint for me to test viruses. Once again, from all of my reading, IBS is connected with Herpes and Herpes are connected with CFS which is something that is difficult to diagnose.
Temporal Arteritis is artery inflammation so basically I have a sharp lump on my right temple just where the hairline begins because the "temporal" artery is inflammed. I have had it for 6 months and it will not go away. It can cause numbness, vision problems and jaw pain as well. The whole incredible thing about this for me and the new dentist I have who actually cares to help is the way it is affecting my mouth. It has baffled dental clinics and had dentists send me away saying that maybe I am stressed and need a shrink. I am now in agony because of an experiment my ddt and I have started, root canaling my first left molar which seems to be sitting on a trigger point. He has opened Pandora's box. The tooth was healthy when he started and whatever is living underneath, he is not sure whether it is viral or bacterial is causing excruciating pain and the trigeminal neuralgia on the left side.
It has been a long road and recovery is far away...I see it more like learning to live with it at the moment which is difficult because it all comes and goes as it pleases. I have been given Neurological meds and one of them is quite good because it doesn't have any severe side effects and B Complex is a must. I have always leaned towards herbs so I drink a lot of herbal teas. When I feel the "attack coming" on it is best to relax and I find that the symptoms are less severe then.
What other symptoms do you have? Before it starts, do you feel like a "load" is coming on? That will help determine whether or not it is appropriate to have your viral titers checked.
Please write a bit more about your symptoms.
Thanks....this really does interest me. The human body is precious and fascinating thing.
It is such a relief to find a website like this and finally connect all my problems together.

I too have been having the tingling, crawling, pulsating feeling in the right side of my head and the burning, fullness and tingling in the ears.

The illnesses i have got are as follows:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (a weakness in the secondary nervous system) in my right leg, back, neck and left wrist, which causes stiffness, pain, aches etc. Have had this for nearly nine years.

Depression for nine years as well causing panic attacks, stress, anxiety and tension all over my body.

Eczema. Have had a recurring rash under my right eye for over 15 years now, this time it is lasting longer and only just found out that it was eczema and am currently taking cream for it.

Went to see the doctor last week for the problem in my head and she told me it was stress and put me on a higher dosage of anti-depressants, as yet it has not gone but does feel slightly better. I also if I'm occupying myself I don't even feel it and also don't get it when I first wake up or usually not when I'm standing up right, it's when I sit down and start thinking about it it comes back then I get anxious then it get's worse. Stress has also caused my neck and shoulders to get very tense which the doctor says can also bring on the problem in my head.

Also it is good to see a previous post mentioning eczema can be a cause of it as well and I also sit long hours in the front of a computer and have very bad posture.

Well I can finally link all my problems together to this head problem.

Also has anyone tried doing this: get your hand halfway between you jaw and your neck on the side of the pain and lift your skin up, I have tried that and it completly goes also a nice soothing massage around your spine, neck and shoulders helps the pain disappear.

Anyway hope I have helped as you have helped me.

Thank you and take care of yourselfs.
Hello All,

I have found some relief knowing that so many others suffer from similar sensations. I am; however, sorry that you all are going through this. I've suffered from anxiety/panic disorder/depression for about 5-6 years now. About a month and a half ago I had a panic attack and hyperventilated myself into the ER. Since then I've had severe anxiety brought on by panic disorder (disorder in which your body anticipates panic creating anxiety about panicking).

About three weeks ago I got a headache that last two days, it wasn't particularly severe, it felt like a tension headache (I get these a lot around PMS, or before or after my period). I didn't have any ibuprofen, so I took Tylenol instead. Didn't help a bit. It finally went away when I got some ibuprofen. The only weird part about the headache were these small (not very severe) shooting pains on the left side of my head. Since then they haven't gone away. They have lessened in severity and occurrence, but are now accompanied by this bizarre tingling and itchiness of my scalp. The pains are primarily on the left side, but have also occurred on the right. The tingling; however, is ONLY on the left side. During my two-day long headache I was rather anxious, because I've never had a headache last that long, and having health-related anxiety, I automatically began panicking that it was a tumor/aneurysm/whatever.

I'm not medicated, don't care to be, and am going through cognitive-behavioral therapy with a psychologist. He has assured me that anxiety/stress can cause some of the scariest and most bizarre physical symptoms. I am a graphic designer, and spend hours everyday in front of a computer, I also have terrible neck, jaw and upper back pain...I've had this since I can remember. I have wisdom teeth moving in, which will need to be removed soon.

I am 22 years old, and otherwise quite healthy, according to my doctors. I have a good pulse, and my blood pressure is generally between 96/52 and 108/67...pretty low, but they say it's healthy. I really do believe that anxiety and constant tension of the body can cause horrible physical symptoms, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause of a lot of your complaints.

I figure, if I'm able to enjoy a small amount of things still, and I'm not dead yet, that there's no sense in letting myself fall into a deep depression about it. Yes, it sucks, but it's your life and you can't let these things control it. Try distracting yourself, try coming to terms with the sensations, and maybe it'll improve. I truly feel for you guys. I've had panic/anxiety so badly before that I was afraid to take showers because I thought I would drown/suffocate. I couldn't leave my apartment to even go get the mail because I was so afraid (of what, I have no idea). IBS is a common symptom among anxiety sufferers, so if that has any connection to the sensations of the scalp (as stated in one of your posts), it would not surprise me, again, if anxiety is the root cause. Luckily, there is medication-free treatment. I would look into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. It's helped me immensely.

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