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Hi Everyone
I had many of the same symptoms as all of you in 1995. It started with a terrible headache and a weakness in my right arm and leg, and when I woke up in the morning, I had paralysis down my whole right side, my face drooped, as did the corner of my eye. I had slurred speech and my short term memory was so bad I couldn't remember what I was trying to say from the beginning of a sentence to the end of it. Doctors thought I had a stroke, but after an MRI, CATscan, and doppler ultrasound nothing was found. I put it down to stress, and started living healthier, walking great distances and watching what I ate. I was not on anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication at that time.

I had the odd tingling through the years but nothing lasting. Then in November of 2002, I woke up in the middle of the night and my right side of my face was drooping again, and I had some minor tingling in my right arm. I started having problems with drooling out of the right side of my mouth at night. I had some difficulty with blurred vision and some headaches and now chest pain as well. Anyway, Doctors sent me for another MRI. This time they found a bulge in one of the main arteries in my brain where the arteries begin to branch. I am now awating a Angio-CATscan. They have also diagnosed me with sleep apnea. They also discovered that I have a high pressure in my eyes which can result in glaucoma. I am now on anti-anxiety meds. They think I may have a brain aneurism. Its important to note that when I started having my first batch of symptoms in 1995, I was 36 years old. I am now 44. My symptoms are very similar to those of you who have already responded on this bulletin board. I just wanted to share my story with all of you.
I've had this off and on for several months. But mine starts on the right side - around my eye. And my eyeball feels kind of numb - like when it's dilated. But it's not numb to the touch. If it's really bad, the tingling "creepy-crawlies" move back up my forehead and then start surrounding my head. So creepy. The numbness feeling around my eye has almost constantly been there for 2 months, at different stages of discomfort.

My various doctors think it's atypical migraines. Though the pain doc is sending me for biofeedback therapy. We'll see how that goes. I was taking depakote which did seem to help - but I can't take it anymore.

I had an MRI of cervical spine which was fine. The MRI of my brain was ok - he said there is a small spot - right side of my head, that could either be just a space, or some kind of cyst (probably something I was born with). He said we can do another MRI in a year, he wouldn't worry about it at all. But regardless the location of it shouldn't be the cause of these problems.

I am going to have someone else look at the MRI and CT scans just to be safe. They scare me a bit.

I also have major sinus headaches that seem to precede the tingling, most of the time. Anyone else?
I get tingling in my head alot too... it scares me so much. It happens several times a day and sometimes last a while. My head gets these little pains all over and sometimes in one spot it is tight or pressure like. My neck is always hurting and is very stiff. My neck sometimes hurts bad in the front where the veins are and I worry. I am afraid I have a brain tumor. Sometimes I can put my head down and when I lift it up it feels pressure and slight pain. Sometimes my head gets real hot and feels like it is on fire. I am so scared.
I'm a 30 year old graduate student with similiar symptoms. One night after an eight hour long stint on the computer (not a regular occurence)-I started having shooting pain and tingling on my upper back--it got worse--within a few days the skin on my right arm started going numb--eventually I have alternating numbness and tingling in both of my legs--A couple of weeks later I strained my upper back and shoulder and the symptoms worsened, but I was having no problem functioning or teaching classes. I saw a neurologist and he said it was oversensitivity He didn't elaborate on this diagnosis and later told me that he thought I suffered from somatization (essentially he believed that I was subconsciously causing my own symptoms)--by the way he took no tests prescibed me Trazadone. I immediately started having strange side effects- pressure in my head, neck, and chest-he kept me on the medication anyway (I suspect the nurse didn't tell the Dr. about my sideffects). After stopping the medication I felt better for a short time (my original symptoms were never helped or made worse by this medication). The pressure in my head and chest returned and actually became worse after a visit to a chiropractor-- Now I have a tight numb feeling on my forehead, and intense pressure in the back of my head and neck, and strange tingling and itchy sensations in my head. It's always there-never quite goes away although sometimes it gets worse. It is affecting my short term memory and sometimes I also have a difficult time reading- I've had a MRI of my brain and nothing conclusive was found. I've seen two psychologists who have assured me this is not simply stress. They also did not think that it was a psychological problem. My general Dr and new neurologist have tested me for viritually every disease and condition and have found nothing-everything comes back normal. One of my doctors (the others disagree) has suggested that it might be beign intercranial hypertension--but at this point I am reluctant to have a lumbar puncture-I don't really need my head to feel worse. At this point my neurologist is at a loss to explain what is wrong with me. I'm having an MRI of my spine tommorrow-and while I hope they don't find anything-it is horrible to have such strange symptoms without a reason. I'm still working and taking care of my children- most of the time I try to ignore the symptoms and do my best to concentrate. Does anyone have any ideas?

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