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I have a new physician who scheduled me for the CT, which came back saying that everything was fine. She's kind of a flack and I mentioned to her about some of the same symptoms you all were having. I told her how I had been treated for anxiety but she dismissed that and said that I needed to see a neurologist. But she also prescribed Xanax for me. It's supposed to make you drowsy but it does nothing for me. To help the doctors out I've decided to keep a journal of how often my head tingles, and how often my left hand spasms. And let me tell you, I didn't realize it was happening as often as it is. It seems strange to think that this is all due to panic attacks. Especially when the tingling/numbness happens so randomly. Wow! Here I am spending all this money and everyone here is probably right--it's anxiety. Well, I do hope the Xanax works because it's not so far. Now I have to wait and see the neurologist. Yippy! Thanx everyone!

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