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Hi all,
I have had the tingling scalp and such as well. Ive had mri's, ct scans and an eeg done. Come to find out, I have partial complex seizures and the mri showed a pineal cyst. I also have post truamatic stress disorder because all my symptoms came from a blow to the head I recieved at a dept. store and also needed staples to close the wound. Im not sure if any of you have had any head or neck injuries, but we seem to have the tingling and numbness in common. My fingers and feet also use to tingle or should i explain like i had my feet in a bees nest. The docs put that down to the topamax that i was on for the seizures, needless to say i was switched to keppra and most of the tingling has gone away. Well excpept for the scalp tingles. I have a bulging disc too and maybe it has something to do with pressure on the nerves or something. I am still in the process of docs so who knows what else they will diagnos me with. Before the accident I had none of this, and wasnt that stressed (even though i have 4 small children). Now the stress is major and nobody is sure if the stress and anxiety or the PTSD is the cause of all this since i also have neurology probs. All though i have found out that some people with pineal cysts have symptoms, my neurologists seems to think that its nothing to be concerned with. And also some people can have these cysts and not even now it since childhood. Im at the point of who knows anymore. I do hope that you all find out the cause and if so , to share because id like good news for a change.. :) take care and know that you're not alone and that also gives me comfort...
God Bless,



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