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I have many of these same symptoms. Been happening for 5 months now. I researched the net and many of these symptoms can be from several different things. Though, I do believe I have found what mine is from. I suffer from the sensation of bugs crawling in my hair, face, and ears/ like an itchy feeling. It is worse in those areas. Though it is pretty much my entire body, but not as bad as those areas. Sometimes sharp nerve pain in my eyes. My arms and hands has it good, but not as severe as from the neck up as I described earlier. Tingling in my hands and feet. And sharp sensations at times like I am being stabbed in my legs. Burning sensations in my hands, legs, arms, and ears. Pins and Needles in feet hands basically all over. I went to my chiropractor for back and neck pain, I had these symptoms but I didn't mention it I didn't think it was related. Though after some discussion with him of what had happened to me and my symptoms described above, and an MRI it was clear as to what is causing this. In April of 2006 I totalled out my car. At the time I didn't realize I had whiplash. (they say it dosn't get you until later). I was in pain after the accident but it went away after a couple of days. Then about 4 months later I slipped and fell down the stairs and hit my forehead on the window ledge at the bottom. Jarring my head and neck backwards (apparently making the whiplash that I didn't know I had worse). That is the time I noticed the symptoms of crawling, tingling, pins and needles, and the other symptoms (but I didn't put all together at that time). Anyway, I had an MRI and I have 5 bulging disks in the C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, and C7 of my cervical spine (neck). The chiropractor says these disks are pressing on my nerves causing these very annoying and at times quite painful sensations. His recommendation, get the inflammation down by using and ice bag (10 inch blue ones), and wearing it on my neck and back for hours on end. My neck and back are in such bad shape it is difficult to get the inflammation down, as I do sit at a computer all day. I wear the ice on my back at work for 5 to 6 hours a day. And at night, I sleep on the ice on my neck. It is difficult to wear it during the day on my neck, unless I am at home in comfortable chair that I can lean back on to hold the ice in place. I use a girdle type thing to strap the ice on my back. I look like a hunchback (I wear two bags on my back, one on the lower, and on in the middle), but I don't care. I just wan't these horrible sensations to go away. Like someone else has mentioned, it has effected my social life, as I am always rubbing my skin or scratching at my head, rubbing my face. Not very attractive and embarrasing for me. I am relying on my chiropractor to help me. Surgery is out of the question. If I was an at home body and didn't have to work, I would be recovering faster. As I could use the ice a lot more and the imflammation would go away faster. My chiropractor cannot adjust my neck and back with inflammation. It is too stiff to even get it to adjust and I am learning what to do and what not to do to aggravate it and make it worse or make it take me a step back. But, we are working on it, I see him twice a week. Hope this information has been of help to the ones reading it. It may very well be your buldging disks, if you have some. A good term for this is called Neuropathophysiology.

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